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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 35962602
Closing Date 30 - Aug - 2019  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of gfn liners to suit 52 kg rail on 52 kg sleepers as per rdso t-3702
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 36088202
Closing Date 26 - Aug - 2019  |  8 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of lids of spray bottles, franklin electric submersible motors (1 hp-3 nos., 2hp-2 nos,3 hp-3 nos, 5.5 hp-2 nos, 7.5 hp-2 nos), multimotor system motors & pumps (made in italy) 1.5 kw(2 hp)-9 nos ,pump- 9 nos, relay switch - b remas-4 nos , contactor switch- lovato-58 nos , level control-14 nos, panel cover- 1 box, plastic rolls- 2 nos, 01 jumbo bag-plastic granuals (multi coloured), textile machinery parts, asona copier system m.i. germany, empty iron drums ( of 210 ltr capacity). (both drums are rusty and damaged)(one drum is broken), stc 33 bales=38 pkgs of woollen / synthetic rags, stc 31 bales= 41 boras of woollen / synthetic rags, 54 boras of woollen / synthetic rags, stc 37 bales=72 pkgs of woollen/synthetic rags, stc 76 boras of woollen /synthetic rags, 01 cr coil (magnetic) iron & steel, 01 empty container (uslu8822890 x 40 ' ) galvanised. bottom portion broken, 06 nos.tyres complete with rims (diameter of tyres - approximate = 60 - 65 cms and diameter of iron rim - 38 cms.) rubber tyres are worn out and iron rims have become rusty, woollen / synthetic rags, woollen/synthetic rags- deteriorated, soilded, scattered condition, 4 bales (refilled in boras) woollen/synthetic rags, 45 nos. of rubber tyres of various sizes in heap. several tyres are burnt, 1 case contg. fire proof shutter of universal film projector or/of fire back assessories as 1) 4pcs tin made shutter with glass cut to size 2) 2pcs tin made components cut to size 3) 2 packets accessories such as screws,rubber, tubes etc (assessed as scrap), cable wire-assorted size-broken in peices, 01 no. wooden case containing:a)02 nos. of wooden exhibition display boards (appx. length: 2.10 m,width 60cm, weight 18 kg.) & b) 03 nos. of aluminium rods like structure (for supporting display)- weight 28 kgs.-assessed as scrap, cane baskets in various sizes (broken &dusty) = 158 nos, wooden elephants (height 2.5 feet) = 02 nos, children toys (car ) (broken &dusty) = 145 nos, wooden toys= 95 nos, 236 pcs of graphite crucibles refilled in 04 gunny bags. (height- 13 cms, id & od-03 cms), morgan norton 23- 121 pcs. 2)morgan norton 24- 115 pcs, 1 plt stc 249 pieces of microwave magnetron-made in japan, 18 ctns of printed books refilled in 09 gunny bags and 01 plastic bag, 2 nos. rough marble stones in the form of lumps, 01 carton containing 14 nos. of small automobile parts., horn buttons ( having fiat name on it), aluminium piston ring length= 21 cm, diameter =10 cms approx. , rubber tube of appx. 1 feet, rubber belt length 1 feet, brake pad, ignition circuit breaker point plates (size 2 inches each), sarees/printed cotton material ( condition: dusty, tattered, hole, etc.), polyester fabrics colour-black, 20 bobbins of nylon yarns, 01 heap of loose radiator parts, 21 wooden hangers, 13 nos. steel plates, 05 pp bags containing polypropylene granules, oxy dry anti off set pure food starch powder type 744, batch nos:0795-030 , 0695-087, 0795-019, ship ladders made up of iron (rusty and magnetic), iron and steel sheets (magnetic) in heap conditions.(size: width =102 cm, length 201 cm, thickness= less that 1 mm), nylon fabrics size: cut length - 50 mtrs. width- 152 cms, colour-blue. made in korea, 22 nos. bulbs (75 watt reflector r 95), case stc, 60 pcs parts of weighing scale to be used by gold smith, 49 plastic pouch of weights ( 07 pcs per pouch), iii) 12 pcs of weighing scale standbase alongwith assessories refilled in 02 gunny bags, all pkgs are rusty & damaged), iron round shape baskets, micro snap pin hole tact switch, screw (i/steel), 1 carton (4 pcs) rechargeable emergency light, 04 empty iron drums ( of 210 litre capacity) in damaged condition, refiilled 01 gunny bag of mixed scrap containing pcs of i & steel empty boxes and brass articles, 2 empty containers- (polu2550339 x 20' =2300 kgs tare weight , criu2002738x20' =2090 kgs tare weight )-rusty, damaged, broken condition, empty container (ctiu1050080 x 20' )-rusty.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 36004282
Closing Date 19 - Aug - 2019  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of all types of cargo except perishable and packaging material - bag, iron wheel, machinery parts in rusty condition, machinary parts in rusty condition & plastic rings, stc 5040 pieces small round shaped metallic parts, wooden logs of various length & sizes, glass covers for automobile, r&r stone set powder form, power capacitors, radiator , leakage stopping material (powder), shallec bottles gasket, joining cement, valve seal grinding paste. etc., pallet consisting, plastic baby feeding bottles, wheel chairs, iron pipe and 04 bundles of 07 steel brackets, automobile component, marble slab, gas inflated life jackets, stc 8 pcs nut bolts, aluminium silencer, stc 1 no.twin breather, plastic boards, weighing scale, stc 10 pcs of abrasive cloth belts, pieces of soft toys, woven highspeed corrugator belt, iron plate, pallet, men's clothing, women's clothing, girl's clothing, skull cap, emerson network power, defective transmitter receiver without adapters, metal strips, pkgs toys, puffer ball refilled in 10 plastic bags completely damaged, shipborne automatic identification with accessories, antenna, pallets, stc spare parts for speed frame machine, kitchen weighing scale, lampshed, panels of car with remote control, cartons, gunny bags, boxes conversion kit for motor in good condition, bearings, focus lamps, empty container, bed sheet, pillow covers, rolls of fabric, decorative cushion cover, stc sauce satay marinade powder-expiry, bags feed premixture leonardite, lifting tackles, lids of spray bottles, franklin electric submersible motors, multimotor system motors & pumps, relay switch, jumbo bag-plastic granuals, asona copier system, empty iron drums, cr coil, iron & steel, ety conainer, tyres complete with rims, woollen / synthetic rags, woollen/synthetic rags, bales, rubber tyres, fire proof shutter of universal film projector, cable wire-assorted size-broken in peices, wooden case containing, cane baskets, wooden elephants, children toys, wooden toys, graphite crucibles refilled, microwave magnetron, printed books refilled, rough marble stones in the form of lumps, horn buttons, aluminium piston, rubber tube, rubber belt, brake pad, ignition circuit, sarees/printed cotton material, polyester fabrics, bobbins of nylon yarns, loose radiator, wooden hangers, bags containing polypropylene granules, dry anti off set pure food starch powder, ship ladders, ship ladders, ship ladders, bulbs, baskets, micro snap pin hole tact switch, screw, carton, empty iron drums, refiilled 01 gunny bag of mixed scrap, empty containers, bales, glass tubing, granite slabs, polyester fabrics packed, computer monitors, monitor cabinets, second hand medical theatre lighting fittings, broucher, steel measuring tapes brand hongoi, analog scale, clothings, used cloths, door mat, synthetic rags, marbles in small pieces, boom section, drums with groove, wheel chair small, wheel chair big, box of soft toys, ecg monitor & machine, crate of discarded wooden packing materials
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