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e-Procurement Technologies Ltd. is an ISO 27001 Certified eProcurement Company that provides an end to end eProcurement Solution like Tender Alert Service (Market Making) | Mr. Arial - eAuction | Mr. Helvetica - Reverse Auction | Mr. sans-serif;">Company Name Tender Tiger Private Limited
Address www.abcProcure.com

We are a professionally managed | Mr. sans-serif;">A 801-808 - 3 Year old profit making company | Mr. Wall Street-2 - and partners spread across India. We are Procurement Leaders & have managed to become #1 eProcurement Player because of our Domain Focus & core competence in Procurement space.

Some of the portals we host & maintain are www.abcProcure.com | Mr. Opp-Orient Club - www.OneTender.com | Mr.
www.TenderTiger.com | Mr. Arial - www.ProjectsTiger.com | Mr. Helvetica - www.CertificateTiger.com | Mr. sans-serif;" /> Live Chat chat